While the days are slow and the sun still shines…I find…I have more time to dream! So, I am delighted to have found some kindred spirits to share.

Normally, all my dream input has come from Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Medium and suchlike…which is okay. But now I have occasional gems from Dr Bogdan and David Latto to ponder on. Dr Bogdan is a poet of prose in Romania who has moments of genius. I found him because he graciously liked an un-finished poem on my Gilt blog…and he had me hooked with the first of his poems I read – Ghosts

Ghosts – by Dr Bogdan (

I like his unexpected slant and his apparent lack of fear with subjects. I like his breadth of imagination, even if a little dark at times. (All his writing can’t be from experience!!!) Other noteables include “pray yourself to sleep” or “You do not disturb an artist when he is in a state of flow” Be warned though…none of these are easy, but they are great nonetheless.

Another daydreamer of note is David Latto. Another great discovery from a post on a Facebook Songwriting Group – David is a singer/songwriter based in Edinburgh and has written a lovely tune called “Daydreaming“, which I had to buy. You can hear it on Bandcamp.

Daydreaming by David Latto –

This is much easier to absorb because it doesn’t offer challenging thoughts. It is every bit as genius though. A great tune, arranged with beautiful guitar motifs and sung by a sweet voice. It’s summer for me!

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