Day 55 in the House (…to be read in a Newcastle accent)

To be fair…in many ways, this is what retirement is like! For all of you young dudes and dude-esses…if you are not a key worker, you are kind-of, sort-of retired from society…in a way! The part that’s kind-of, sort-of similar is…that you get to relax about the things you can’t control. You know the Serenity Prayer? (I’m an athiest but I recognise the wisdom in it):

…grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference.[1]

This lockdown requires us to accept the things we cannot change, which is exactly like ‘retirement’ – Being put out to grass means you need to get used to eating grass or smoking grass (or in my case, drinking beer). It also requires us to change how we live…adjust or make the required changes to how we do things. As a society, we can only hope that we can make the required changes.

There’s a Stephen King quote from The Shawshank Redemption – “Fear can hold you prisoner – Hope can set you free.” I definitely agree with that…however, it’s also true that hope can hold you prisoner too! Imagine you are heading for a bus stop, late for work or whatever, and there is a bus which has just passed you but there is someone at the stop, so the bus will stop and you might catch it…if you run…as fast as you can. I would argue that once you decide that you won’t make it…then you are free to relax, walk, light a fag (if that’s your thing), take in the scenery and get the next bus. You are released from the hope of catching it! However…if someone else makes it to the bus stop, then that means the bus will have to delay maybe another 20 seconds while they get on-board…you might still make it! Dun Dun Duuuuuun! Run sucker! The point I’m trying to make is that while there is hope you have to try…but while there is no hope, there’s no expectation of making it…take the time to construct the excuse you’ll have to give to your boss/ manager/ wife/ dentist/ CIA handler! There is no hope of things returning to ‘normal’ and it would be wise to get used to it. On the plus side, who knows, maybe this will help local communities develop? On the one hand, people seem to be genuinely trying to help each other. While, on the other hand, heightened anxiety means heightened suspicion. If you are out in an open space, everyone sees each other as a potential Bio-Hazard – another example of fear keeping us prisoner.

Another thing which keeps us prisoner is Greed! Isn’t it quite sad that the UK and US aren’t prepared to share their research on the Coronavirus because they want to make money from it? I have to agree with Craig Murrays blog on the article in the Guardian – “On 5 May, the British security services released to their pet media the claim that Russia, China and Iran were attempting to hack into British research institutes conducting coronavirus research.” Craig suggests that the real story isn’t the attempted cyber-crime but the UK and US failure to share their research during a Pandemic. Craig suggests that British Security Services released the story – “The BBC reported it. Britain’s shameful copy and paste media all, without exception, just copy and pasted the government press release.

Especially sad because it’ll take the combined efforts of all nations, to help people adjust to a ‘new normal’ – living with this virus. In fact, if we think about this objectively, it has been recognised for years now that we (us, you, me, everybody) have been vulnerable to a virus threat. And, as Peter Bell points out in his blog “It’s the end of the world as we know it“, we might consider ourselves lucky that the Coronavirus wasn’t worse – The emergence of ‘a’ virus was predictable but the virus which emerged, as bad as it is, could have had a greater damage-potential on us. If you want to understand what the Coronavirus does inside a body, have a look at the Ninja Nerd Science channel on YouTube.

Meanwhile, we sit on our spreading arses, bloated to buggery and red-eyed from Netflix, or whatever colourful beads of distraction we choose. My chosen distraction is writing, recording and mixing, however I’m currently cooking my arse off (I believe that’s the term), trying to learn Gaelic and taking pictures of things I never noticed before. Here’s a picture of a Field Mouse…I shall call him Boaby! You’re welcome!

No…You’re right! She might be called Boabalina.

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